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Is TYCOON CUT the same as an emerald cut?
The classic rectangular TYCOON CUT simply updates and enhances the subtle beauty of the original emerald cut. The square TYCOON CUT perfects the design and proportionss of ordinary square cuts, making the diamond look brighter, bigger, and more brilliant.

How do I know that I am buying a genuine TYCOON CUT Diamond?
The TYCOON CUT Diamond is "THE ONLY DIAMOND WITH A DIAMOND ON TOP." It is internationally patented, and can only be cut by a few of the world's most talented craftsman. Each TYCOON CUT Diamond over 0.50ct is laser inscribed with a unique serial number and accompanied by a GIA Grading Report for authenticity.

Are TYCOON CUT Diamonds and jewelry better quality than others?
Absolutely, TYCOON starts with the worlds finest materials, and creates works of art that are not only unique, but of unparalleled craftsmanship. TYCOON's quality control is analyzed at 10 times the industry standard, using modern technology and techniques.

Is a TYCOON CUT more valuable than other cuts?
Yes, it is. The price of a diamond is based on its overall value. Industry standards clearly state that the cut of a diamond can add as much as 50% more value. TYCOON CUT Diamonds command a higher value than others because they are "THE ONLY DIAMOND WITH A DIAMOND ON TOP" making them much more rare.

What alloy does TYCOON use in their white gold?
We use palladium, a hypo allergenic metal from the rare Platinum family.

How many TYCOON CUT diamonds are polished?
TYCOON CUT diamonds are very exclusive and limited in quantity. Every year we only polish 5000 TYCOON CUT diamonds for worldwide distribution.

Where can I buy a TYCOON CUT diamond?
You can buy a TYCOON CUT diamond from one of our authorized TYCOON Retailers.

Are there different shapes of TYCOON CUT diamond?

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